Our nursing center has excellent clinical results and provides outstanding medical care to older adults. We’re proud to care for the community in Friendship, Wisconsin. We care for every resident as though they’re a member of our own family. 

Every choice we make is to help our residents achieve their rehabilitation goals. With a diverse range of services, a modern facility and an expert staff, our team sets the standard of nursing care.

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Villa Pines Living Center

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Everyone on our staff is committed to helping our residents recover. From our registered nurses to our activities coordinators, we put the health of our residents first.

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Medical Services at our Nursing Center

Cardiac Care

Orthopedic Rehab

Pulmonary Care

Stroke Recovery

Wound Care

We believe in caring for your body, mind and spirit. To do this, we offer comprehensive care for a wide range of medical conditions. Our team provides specialty care for strokes, pulmonary conditions, cardiac issues, wounds and orthopedic conditions. See how we can tailor specialty care to you.

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A comfortable environment is just as important as the quality of your medical care. We devote much of our time and energy to making sure that our residents have everything you need. From social events to on-site services, you’ll feel right at home during your stay at Grande Prairie Care and Rehab Center.

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Let us welcome you to our family! You’ll feel right at home.


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Caretakers do efficiently what their name describes: they care and take care. The staff is energetic, kind, compassionate and like a family member. I have visited there frequently and paid attention to attitudes, food quality, therapy, recreation, spiritual needs, room cleaning. 5 stars plus from me. I would be pleased to have my therapy there.

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